Embossing Dies

F&S Engraving manufactures embossing dies for a variety of applications.

The attention to detail of our master craftsmen ensures a perfect result every time, guaranteed. Our commitment to on-time delivery means faster turnaround times and more productivity.

Embossing dies are used for raising designs, numbers, and letters for many decorative applications. The embossing process is achieved by using a male and a female mating die to raise the pattern above the surface of the material being embossed.

Below are embossing dies available from F&S Engraving:

Embossing Type

Embossing type is used for its versatility of interchangeable type, in marking items for traceability in manufacturing among other applications.

Can Identification

F&S Engraving understands that quality is key when it comes to traceability in manufacturing. The quality of the craftsmanship on the embossing die is key for a perfect result every time. The most respected names in the food industry trust F&S Engraving to design their dies for can identification.

Cans and other containers are marked using embossing dies to identify the can by serial number, to track where it will go, and to monitor lots and quality. They are also are marked using embossing dies to remind consumers to: “please recycle,” “recycling class number,“ and “please don’t litter.”

Decorative Design and Name Plate Dies

No matter how simple or complex, F&S Engraving is committed to providing you with the embossing dies needed to convey your brand image through your products and packaging. Our commitment to quality and on-time delivery is unsurpassed in the industry.

Decorative design dies mark metal containers used in the cosmetic, tobacco, and food industries. They are produced using a matched set of male and female dies. These dies are manufactured to high tolerances to ensure a uniform impression and long life. Mismatched characters will cause the embossing die to shift, causing quality problems on the production line. Imperfect stamping and premature die failure result in defective parts and more short-term investment. F&S Engraving guarantees perfection, every time.

Custom Applications

As master engravers since 1922, F&S Engraving can customize products just for you, from stamps and dies to name plates. F&S Engraving has the ability to create what you need for an existing product changeover, new item, or improvement on a current product. We can produce engineering drawings or work with customer-supplied artwork and drawings to create the best-engineered solution for you.