Steel Type

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The steel type stamps created by our master craftsmen provide flexibility to easily change numbers and letters, which is required for production marking. Interchangeable type from F&S Engraving is manufactured with high tolerances (+.001 – 0) to deliver a uniform impression. Type can be purchased in many different configurations, depending upon the design and the requirement utilized to retain the type in the stamp holder. Steel type stamps are used in press or hand stamps.

Below are the steel types available from F&S Engraving:

Groove Type

Groove type stamps are the most common steel type stamps. Grooved type is used to mark sunken characters and is utilized throughout industry. The grooved type is retained in the holder by a pin and is available in several different styles. Custom logos can also be provided in a standard groove type. Blanks are available to fill space in press and hand stamps.

Groove Type Specifications

When ordering: please specify brand and character size desired.

*Carried in stock for immediate delivery.

The groove in this type is provided for holders with pins used to prevent the type from falling out. The groove is held to a close tolerance to assure even impression of all characters.

For special sizes specify character size and dimensions in alphabetical sequence as shown.

Step Type

Step type the is most secure method of retaining interchangeable type in a production environment. Step type is utilized to mark sunken characters. It is loaded in the holder from behind and provides stability and consistency in the stamping process. Type is retained in the holder by a protruding step located in each piece of type. This is also the safest way to retain type blanks. Die designs or die design requirements from the customer determine the height of the step.

Visibly Engraved Type Specs

When Ordering: Please specify brand and character size desired.

*Carried in stock for immediate delivery.

This type is furnished for name plate marking where large set-ups are involved. The holder is loaded from the back side, and the character is engraved on the back surface to enable the setup person to read what is to be marked easily and correctly. Considerable savings are realized from this particular arrangement, especially on repeat set-ups, since this feature greatly simplifies and speeds setup.

Straight Type

Straight type is the most economical alternative for production marking requirements where interchangeability is a necessity. Straight type is readily available in sets. Straight type is not as safe and secure as step and groove type but is an economical alternative for short and medium–sized runs. Straight type is used for its versatility of interchangeable type. Type is held in the stamp by a set screw.

F&S Engraving has immediate availability. Sets are ready to ship, no waiting.

Straight Type Specifications

When Ordering: Please specify brand and character size desired.

*Carried in stock for immediate delivery.

The standard straight type sizes listed are designed for imperial hand or press style holders. Popular sizes listed are normally carried in stock for immediate delivery.

Wedge Type

Wedge type provides the versatility of interchangeable numbers and letters in a wide variety of roll marking applications. Wedge typeholders can be used for inline marking on a wide variety of products, such as aluminum and plastic extrusions, roll forming equipment, and hot rolled steel. Wedge type can also be used in a wide variety of specialized roll marking equipment for a variety of industries.

Wedge Type for 3″ O.D. Holder Specs

When Ordering: Please specify brand and character size desired.

*Carried in stock for immediate delivery.

The wedge type shown is used in all imperial roll holders, but can also be furnished for other roll holders. All are precision made with the same angles expertly ground so the type will nest precisely, thereby preventing individual pieces from loosening and breaking during the marking operation.