Hand Stamps

F&S Engraving specializes in the manufacture of steel hand stamps

We are equipped to make the highest quality stamps in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our skilled and experienced craftsmen can precisely match any font or character as well as your logos and graphics. We specialize in the manufacture of custom, mold ID, and steel ID stamps. F&S Engraving custom engraves single character and multiple character stamps. Chrome plating is also available.

We manufacture all our stamps from the highest quality tool steels and heat treat to a hardness of 58-62 Rockwell (c) at the character end and 32-40 Rockwell (c) at the striking end. A-Z and 0-9 sets or mixed sets are available in character sizes from .040″ (1 mm) to .5″ (12.5 mm). Our lettering and numbering sets are protected by a durable plastic case for safe and easy storage.

Hand stamps are used for short runs or marking at the workplace.

At F&S Engraving we pride ourselves on our quick delivery. We guarantee that you will get your products on time, every time.


Custom hand stamps are an inexpensive method to identify products for low volume production requirements. Typically, they are hammered to indent the impression on the product.

Custom hand stamps are available in letters, numbers, logos, and special characters that meet your stamping requirements, in both size and composition. Inspector stamps allow permanent marking for quality control and seamless product flow.

Mold ID, A-Z and 0-9 Stamp Sets

Mold ID Stamps

Mold ID stamps are engraved in reverse and used for stamping cavity identification numbers as well as additional nomenclature in production molds.

A-Z Sets

A-Z sets are used in low production applications for individualized impression or identification with patent numbers, part numbers, etc.

0-9 Sets

0-9 sets are used in low production applications for individualized impression or identification.

Small Sets are also available for your special marking needs. Sets are made of top-grade steel to make clean and clear impressions. The shanks are finished to .13 mm of nominal size. Each stamp is tested on high-speed steel. All characters are the same precision height, bevel, and depth. Characters of the same size and kind are interchangeable.

Large Case Sets include letters, numbers, and spacers and are made of Sheffield Tool Steel, hardened to 59-61 Rockwell C. Sets come with a positive locking, durable type holder. Type can be quickly selected from a compact, storable fount case.

Letter and figure sets are available in 6 character sizes:

  • 1/16″ – 112 Piece Set
  • 3/32″ – 112 Piece Set
  • 1/8″ – 112 Piece Set
  • 3/16″ – 106 Piece Set
  • 1/4″ – 106 Piece Set
  • 3/8″ – 106 Piece Set

Character Size


Detailed composition of the standard 112 piece fount set


Steel ID Stamps

Steel ID stamps are used throughout the industry to identify the type or grade of steel to allow accurate heat treat processing. By identifying how the steel needs to be processed and heat treated with a permanent mark, there are fewer mistakes and fewer rejected parts.

Our tool steel identification stamps have 1/8” characters, with blank size ½” x ¼” x 2½”. They also come in a convenient storage case.

In-Stock AISI Steel Classifications
A-2D-2H-11L-2M-4O-6S-3T-4W-2CSML4130C 60-62
A-4D-3H-12L-6M-41P-2S-4T-5C.R.SHRS4140C 58-60
A-6D-4H-13L-7M-42P-42-5T-6CSMLCGS4340C 56-58
A-7D-5H-21M-1M-43P-6S-7T-8CSM2PREH4615C 54-56
A-8D-6H-24M-2O-1P-20T-1T-15420SSIN6150C 52-54
A-10D-7H-26M-3O-25-1T-2W-1CSMHOUT8350C 50-52