Pryor Marking Products

Pryor Marking Technologies is a world-leading manufacturer of quality industrial marking equipment for permanent part identification, enabling cradle to grave traceability of product. Founded in 1849, their success is built on providing innovative solutions to contemporary marking problems. Operating from sites in the UK and France, they serve an extensive customer base in over 60 countries, supported by a comprehensive distributor network. Pryor manufacturers conventional manual marking product alongside pneumatic and hydraulic presses and leading edge computer controlled dot and laser marking systems

Pryor offers total system solutions by resourcing with qualified mechanical, software, and electronics engineers. They work in partnership with our customers to produce state of the art turnkey marking systems.

Their Innovation Facility ensures that they remain at the forefront of marking technology by evaluating new solutions to customer needs. The new symbologies division offers consultancy in industrial coding and machine vision and reading systems. They offer support in commissioning & servicing of machines, in-house or on-site training, sample marking, advice on the most cost-effective solution to your marking problem from experienced sales engineers.

The markets we serve are many and varied, product identification is required in all industries. We are confident that our diverse experience will allow us to meet your marking needs. Pryor stands for consistent quality in marking, total service commitment, and effective technical support.

Here are a few Pryor Products that F&S Engraving offers its customers:

Type Sets

Pryor Marking Products manufactures precision-made steel type for multi-character marking. Type is the simple solution for multi-character marking using standard, off-the-shelf type. Type is available in 9 sizes for the standard sharp faced range and in limited sizes of Ministress and Dotstress. It is also available in High Speed Steel for particularly tough marking problems.

Type is available in boxed sets of 100 alpha-numeric and punctuation characters (plus spaces), with or without a holder. Pryor Type provides straight line accurate marking on your component, for use by hand or by machine and is manufactured to BS5750/ISO9002 quality standards.

Pryor Type Features:

  • Precision ground blanks of Sheffield Alloy Steel
  • Nickel plated so it resists rust and gives good appearance
  • Type can be used in a hand holder (to be hit with a hammer), or in a machine holder (to be used in a press)
  • Hardened to 59-63 Rockwell C to give long life and safety in use
  • Choice of three different ranges, each with its own blank size
  • Can be purchased as a complete kit, or as a single replacement pieces
  • Replacement holders are available
  • Supplied in strong plastic case with components for accurate storage and easy character selection
  • For guidance on hardness of material to be marked, click here
  • Safety note-we recommend the use of safety goggles when using these products

Letter and figure sets are available in 6 character sizes:

  • 1/16″ – 112 Piece Set
  • 3/32″ – 112 Piece Set
  • 1/8″ – 112 Piece Set
  • 3/16″ – 106 Piece Set
  • 1/4″ – 106 Piece Set
  • 3/8″ – 106 Piece Set

Character Size


Detailed composition of the standard 112 piece fount set


Here are some of the Pryor Type available for your marking needs:

  • Standard Type – The standard product to mark multi-character inscriptions
  • Low Stress Type – Rounded characters for low stress marking, especially for use in the Aircraft, Nuclear, and Oil industries
  • Wedge Type – Type for use in Roll marking applications
  • Holders – Full range of replacement hand, machine, and rotary holders
  • Packaging and Coding Type – Printing or indenting packaging materials. Typically used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Also called coding type.
Pryor Type
Sharp Faced1.
Sharp Faced
High Speed

Numbering Heads

Pryor offers a variety of manual and automatic indexing numbering heads for sequential marking. A range of numbering heads is available for quick, easy serial number marking, for use either by hand and hammer or mounted in marking machines/presses.

Manual units allow the inscription to be rapidly changed to any value and locked in position. Automatic indexing units allow fast and accurate serial numbering with the minimum of effort. Specially manufactured wheels are available to provide alphanumeric characters and symbols as well as 0-9 and a blank space.

Pryor Numbering available for your marking needs:

  • Standard Hand Numbers – Manually adjustable numbering units for use by machine or by hand.
  • Automatic Numbering Heads – Automatic indexing numbering heads for serial number marking.
  • Custom Numbering Heads – A diverse range of numbering heads can be designed and manufactured to a special order; including alpha-numeric and logo/symbol options.

Pryor Numbering Head Features:

  • Available in a wide range of character sizes from 1.5 to 6mm
  • Automatic or Manual Indexing
  • Strict tolerances and positive alignment produce consistent quality marks every time
  • Supplied with a range of shanks to suit standard marking presses
  • Tell-tale characters in wheel grooves show characters in the marking position
  • Suitable for use with most metals and many plastics

Series 2000 Numbers

Series 2000 Numbers are suitable for machine use or by hand and hammer when fitted with the appropriate shank. Standard wheels have figures 0-9 (inclusive) – letter and symbol wheels can be supplied to special order. A blank station on each wheel allows for a non-marking position. Six wheel units are available from stock but various options can be supplied quickly. Fast and symbol character setting is ideal for random changing inscriptions and batch marking.

Character SizeNo. of Wheels
(Standards Unit)
Length of Marked impressionHand or
Hand/Machine Use

Automatic Numbering Heads

Pryor’s range of Automatic Numbering Heads are designed for simple application of serial number marking. They can be used in most types of marking machines and presses. Not suitable for use by hand and hammer.

Standard wheels have sharp faced characters, 0-9 (inclusive) with one blank station. The inscription is quickly indexed by hand, trip lever, or pneumatic valve, making Pryor Automatic Numbering Heads easy to use and ideal for a wide range of serial number marking. Special wheels can be supplied to mark logos, symbols, and letters. Character forms can be sharp faced, flat faced, mini-stress, or dot-stress.
Styles can be condensed or broad standard style or to any special character style. Concave and convex characters can also be provided.

Automatic Numbering Head Features:

  • Automatic indexing on each stroke (other variations available) of up to 6 wheels
  • 7 standard character sizes from 1.5mm to 6mm
  • Pneumatic or mechanical actuation
  • Supplied with a range of shanks to fit standard marking machines and fly presses
  • Strict tolerances and positive character alignment ensure consistently high quality marks
  • Compact and lightweight, yet robust and durable
  • Specially engraved character wheels available

Series 2000 Automatic Numbering Heads

Series 2000 automatic numbering heads are ideal for consecutive serial numbering, with the inscription being indexed by hand, trip lever or pneumatic valve. They can be fitted with a variety of shanks to suit a range of marking machines. Standard stock units have six wheels in any of seven character sizes – but other sizes and numbers of wheels can be quickly supplied. Tell-tale characters, at a convenient level, indicate the figures in the marking position.

Character SizeNo. of Wheels
(Standards Unit)
Length of Marked impressionHand or
Hand/Machine Use

Series 2000 Multiple Wheel Numbering Heads

Mc Master Cat. No.Character SizeNumber of WheelsDistributor Pricing
15995T121/84$627.00 ea.
15995T141/85$728.00 ea.
15995T151/86$799.00 ea.
15995T191/87$898.50 ea.

Bench Press

Pryor offers many Manual and Semi-Automatic marking presses for fixed and serial number applications. We carry a wide range of hand operated and powered presses which are designed with the operator in mind. These presses are easy to operate with high productivity, yet low initial cost.

Series 2000 Percussion Presses

These percussion presses are easy and safe to operate. They can be used anywhere in the factory and are manually operated machines. Pryor Type, Marking Dies, Numberers and Automatic Numbering Heads can all be used in the Presses, which may also be used for certain bending, fixing, and forming operations. Air operated machines are also available, details upon request.

Machine TypeMarking Load
Table SizeMaximum
Throat Depth
2M8000.8 Tonnes150 × 1256 × 522010 1/21054
2M35003.5 Tonnes220 × 1908 1/2 × 7 1/220081706 1/2
2M3500E3.5 Tonnes220 × 1908 1/2 × 7 1/245017 3/4 1706 1/2

Nameplate Presses

Nameplate presses are a quick and simple way to mark nameplates in small production batches. One character is marked at a time: just turn the typewheel to the character needed, then pull down the operating handle. After marking, the table automatically indexes one space, ready for the next choice. The typewheel has the following characters: A-Z 0-9 & / . –  Special wheels can be produced to order.

Specification – The machine is supplied with anyone typewheel from the standard range (character size to customer choice) – additional wheels can be supplied at extra cost.

Product CodeOverall Machine Dimensions Maximum Nameplate SizeMaximum Marketing AreaStandard Character Size
NMP1340 × 390 × 335 mm
h (13-3/8 × 15-3/8 × 13-3/16′)
230 × 190
(9 × 7-1/2″)
130 × 90
(5-1/8 × 3-1/2″)
NMP2480 × 355 × 365 mm
h (18-7/8 × 14 × 14-3/8″)
200 × 100
(8 × 4″)
200 × 100
(8 × 4″)

Additional features of the NMP2 (not available on the NMP1):

  • Adjustable pitch of characters
  • Fine adjustment for line spacing
  • More character sizes available
  • Simpler adjustment of marking depth when dealing with wide variations in nameplate thickness

Bench Roll Marker

The RH10 Roll Marker is a manually operated machine ideally, suited to marking around the circumference of cylindrical or solid round work pieces. The machine comes complete with any one of the standard holders listed below, the RC1 Roll Cradle and the SA1 Stud Arbour (NB location adaptors for the Stud Arbour are produced as specials at extra cost, to suit the workpieces to be marked – full details of it to be supplied to Pryor for production).

Holder Capacity – Number of Type Piece in a Single Line (* designates 2 lines)
Holder Code
Type Size – MM (IN)
1.001.50 (1/16)2.002.40 (3/32)3.00 (1/8)3.18 (1/8)4.00

Machine Specification:

  • Maximum marking stroke – 125mm (5”)
  • Vertical movement- 40 mm (1.1/2”)
  • Maximum daylight – 75 mm (3”)
  • Overall dimensions – 320 x 20 x 350 mm high. (12.5/8” x 10.5/8” x 13.3/4’)

Stud Arobur (Product Code SA1) – For the internal support of hollow round workpieces (also needs an adaptor to be made especially to suit the workpiece to be marked)

Holder Capacity – Number of Type Piece in a Single Line (* designates 2 lines)
Roller Cradle Code NumberUsed for Marking Diameters Ranging From:
RC21/2″1 3/8″

Inspection Marker

Pryor Symbol Stamps are Ideal to issue to members of work teams and inspectors, to show inspection has been performed as well as establishing traceability. They are suitable for marking material up to 38 Rockwell ‘C’ and have a blue heat treated finish. Pryor Symbol Stamps are manufactured with a sharp faced character.