Industrial Stamps

At F&S Engraving, we specialize in industrial stamps.

Our master craftsmen have consistently produced high-quality stamps since 1922. Our highly-trained staff utilizes state-of-the-art machining and the latest software to perform jobs quickly and accurately.

We guarantee that our in-house heat-treating process will give you the quality and durability you expect from an American company. Our in-house inspection also saves you time and money.

Industrial stamps are utilized in critical components processes. They are a more engineered solution for the customer’s marking requirement. Every application needs to be analyzed to find the right solution for that specific character design. In many cases, the stamps need to be supplied quickly. Rapid turnaround is key to reducing production downtime.

F&S Engraving is positioned to take care of that need. In order to satisfy customer requirements, we inventory a wide range of tool steels used in production to rapidly satisfy customer requirements.

F&S Engraving designs stamps for the customer, with the ability to create different sizes and shapes for a variety of applications, from marking golf clubs to plastic knobs to wrenches.

Why F&S Industrial Stamps?

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect when you purchase industrial stamps from F&S Engraving:

  • Reduced annual expenditures for your business–F&S Engraving’s years of experience along with state-of-the-art technology means industrial stamps with better performance and greater durability
  • Operations that work at optimal performance—the F&S Engraving dedicated sales force and customer support team provide you the technical and engineering support that ensure that your industrial stamps are made just right and keep your operations running at peak performance
  • Complete production assistance—F&S Engraving has the resources to support your efforts from original artwork to finished stamps
  • Set-ups that can suit your company’s production requirements—Whether multiple stamping, automatic rotary, or roll stamping, F&S Engraving will reproduce your artwork through our CAD system or in-house 3D Digitizing.
  • Reduced costs and high customer satisfaction–With the F&S Engraving expeditor delivery service, we can meet your scheduling and rush order needs.

Here is a sample of the industrial stamps F&S Engraving can manufacture for you:

F&S Engraving has the expertise and experience to meet your press stamp needs. For almost 90 years, our skilled master craftsmen have been producing press stamps for a variety of applications.

Our sales staff and customer support team are with your every step of the way, from design to delivery.

Most marking is done by press stamping, with a variety of stamps, such as sharp-faced stamps and carbide stamps, used for different press applications. F&S Engraving uses a variety of tool steels, such as A-2, D-2, M-2, M-4, ASP-23, CPM-M4, CPM-10V, and carbide to give you the durability and performance your desire for your specific application. We can custom design your stamp or use an existing drawing.

Character layout, regarding both depth and spacing, is a critical component if you are marking serial numbers or any other characters. The type must be readable and meet the requirements of customers and governing bodies.

Stamping Pressures

Character SizeEstimated Pressure to
Stamp One Character*
Depth of Impressions**
1/16″.25 ton.003
3/32″.50 ton.0045
1/8″.75 ton.006
5/32″1.00 ton.007
3/16″1.88 ton.008
1/4″2.10 ton.010
5/16″3.00 ton.013
3/8″4.00 ton.016
7/16″4.75 ton.016
1/2″5.70 ton.017
5/8″7.5 ton.020
3/4″9.25 ton.020
7/8″11.00 ton.020
1″13.00 ton.020

Press Marking Typeholders, Dies, and Type

Press Marking Typeholders are used for jobs with frequent set-up changes and that requires multiple character stamping. These typeholders and Standard Straight Groove Type combine the security of a locking pin, which prevents the type from moving or being loaded incorrectly.

Stock NumberRecess SizeHolder capacity by Character Size
MST 11/4″ × 3/4″1286
MST 21/4″ × 5/16″15106
MST 31/4″ × 1″168
MST 41/4″ × 1-1/8″18129
MST 51/4″ × 1-1/4″20108
MST 61/4″ × 1-1/2″241612
MST 75/16″ × 3/4″4
MST 85/16″ × 1-1/8″6
MST 95/16″ × 1-1/2″8
MST 105/16″ × 1-7/8″10
MST 113/8″ × 1″4
MST 123/8″ × 1-1/2″6
Stock NumberRecess SizeHolder Capacity by Character Size
MST 11/4″ × 3/4″1286
MST 21/4″ × 5/16″15106
MST 31/4″ × 1″168
MST 41/4″ × 1-1/8″18129
MST 51/4″ × 1-1/4″20108
MST 61/4″ × 1-1/2″241612
MST 75/16″ × 3/4″4
MST 85/16″ × 1-1/8″6
MST 95/16″ × 1-1/2″8
MST 105/16″ × 1-7/8″10
MST 113/8″ × 1″4
MST 123/8″ × 1-1/2″6

Standard Straight Groove Type and Logotype

Standard Straight Groove Type and Logotype is in stock. This type is used for long production runs.
Logotype is custom-made to fulfill your logo and character needs

Stock Sizes (for standard straight grooved type)

Stock NumberCharacter sizesBlank Dimensions
SSGTL 11/16″1/16″ × 1/4″ × .875″
SSGTL 23/32″3/32″ × 1/4″ × .875″
SSGTL 31/8″1/8″ × 1/4″ × .875″
SSGTL 45/32″5/32″ × 1/4″ × .875″
SSGTL 53/16″3/16″ × 5/16″ × 1.25″
SSGTL 61/4″1/14″ × 3/8″ × 1.25″

Straight Groove Typeholders

range of stamp configurations. Straight Groove type can be used in any press marking application. A locking pin holds the type in place and prevents setting the type upside down. They’re available in press holders for groove type (standard straight included) and interchangeable type.

F&S Model

2 Line Typeholder

2 Line Typeholders have 10 piece capacity per line for 1/8” type. They are available with and without partition walls. Models without partition walls and are equipped with 3/4” x 2” shank.

3 Line Typeholder

3 Line Typeholders have 16 piece capacity per line for 1/8” type and 1/32” partition walls. These models have a dovetail shank and can be used in hand presses, power presses, or dovetail adaptors.

Special King Size Typeholder

The Special King Size Typeholder has an 18 piece capacity for 1/2” type with a 2” x 2” shank.

Engraved Die and Typeholder

Engraved die and typeholders have recesses that allow for interchangeability of type, while also allowing the basic engraving to remain constant.

Solid Engraved Knurl (Round Die)

F&S machines are a basic tool used in roll marking machines, lathes, or screw machine knurl holders. We have the ability to engrave part numbers, manufacturer’s name, or any custom design you desire.

Engraved Trademark Knurls

Engraved trademark knurls are used to imprint a trademark, decorative design, or any other desired marking onto a flat surface.

Engraved Graduating Knurl

Engraved graduating knurls are used to mark gradations on a flat surface. Our master craftsmen use their experience and attention to detail to guarantee you perfect accuracy.

Knurl Groove Typeholder

Knurl Groove Typeholders accommodate knurl groove type and are used in marking machines or Screw Machine Knurl Holders. These typeholders also give the freedom of interchangeability of type. Typeholders accommodate 1/16” – 5/32” knurl grooved type and logotype.

Stock NumberRecess Size
KGTH 12″
KGTH 33″

Knurl Groove Type and Logotype

Knurl Groove Type and Logotype are used in Knurl (Round) Groove Typeholders for rolling marking applications in which frequent changes are needed. Type is in stock and logotype is custom made.

The below tables show character and quad (blank spacer) measurements for Knurl (Round) Groove Type that is available from F&S Engraving.

Stock NumberCharacter Size
KGTL 11/16″
KGTL 23/32″
KGTL 31/8″
KGTL 45/32″
Stock NumberSize
QD 13/64″
QD 21/16″
QD 33/32″
QD 41/8″
QD 55/32″

Knurl Step Typeholder

Knurl Step Typeholders are used in marking or screw machines. The holders below accommodate 1/16” through 5/32” standard knurl step type and logotype.

Stock NumberRecess Size
KSTH 12″
KSTH 23″

Knurl Step Type and Logotype

Knurl Step Type and Logotype are used in Knurl Step Typeholders for roll marking applications when interchangeability is frequent. Type is held in place by the shoulder in the cover plate of the typeholder engages the step of the type. Type is carried in stock and logotype is custom made to order.

Stock NumberCharacter Size
KSTL 11/16″
KSTL 23/32″
KSTL 31/8″
KSTL 45/32″
Stock NumberSize
QD 13/64″
QD 21/16″
QD 33/32″
QD 41/8″
QD 55/32″

Straight Typeholder

Straight Typeholders are used in roll marking machines. Type and logotype are easily interchangeable with the convenience of removing a locking pin to change out characters. The table below shows the variety of Straight Typeholders available from F&S Engraving.

Stock Sizes
Character SizeType Blank Dimensions
1/16″1/16″ x 1.4″ x .875″
3/32″3/32″ x 1/4″ x .875″
1/8″1/8″ x 1/4″ x .875″
5/32″5/32″ x 1/4″ x .875″
3/16″3/16″ x 5/16″ x .875″
1/4″1/4″ x 3/8″ x 1.250″